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Safety is Our Number One Priority at PSL

We respect the levels of safety outlined by each organization we service. We acknowledge that they all have one common goal, which is to protect their property, employees, the public, and most important, the environment.  We fully understand the strict rules and regulations outlined by our customers, and that is why we enforce the same policies and procedures to all of our employees and sub-contractors. With extensive training that focuses on our commitment to safety, we perform daily risk assessments, not only in our own locations, but also at our customer’s facilities. PSL is proud to say we hold a zero % service failure record and an excellent safety rating, with no incidents to date.

You must ensure that your residential, commercial, or industrial property meets regulatory safety standards during the transportation, excavation or demolition phase. Know that all phases of services are performed with data from risk assessments and online safety evaluations, as well as implementation of contractor orientations, contractor polices and more. We want to do our part to keep the public, our employees and the environment safe before, during and after the completion of a contracted project.

Benefit from Our Certification and Reliability

PAR’s Services Ltd is a member of BCTA and uses only COR certified employees. Our team takes the steps necessary to perform requested services to the highest safety standards, as laid out in current safety regulations and law. We follow best practices in all aspects of a service, whether it be for Dump Truck Operations, Excavations, Bulk Contract Trucking, Bulk Belt Trailer Division, Construction Aggregates and Top Soil sales, Marine Barge Offload, Hazardous Waste Transport, Bulk Trans- Load Operations or Fleet Operations. We serve the excavation needs of customers in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and all throughout the Lower Mainland British Columbia. 

PSL believes in safety first. Be aware of the steps we take to make sure your project fulfills all safety expectations.

In-Cab Warning Devices – A commercial vehicle equipped with a dump box capable of rising above 4.15 meters must not be operated on a highway unless it is equipped with a visual or audio warning device that alerts the driver if the dump box is raised and meets all the other requirements set out in the MVAR. For the purposes of this requirement, a vehicle’s height is determined by measuring the distance from the highest point of its dump box when fully raised to the road surface directly below. A similar requirement exists in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation since 2010. 

Speed Limiters Legislative amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act required heavy commercial vehicles to use a speed limiter. The recently approved order brings this requirement and supporting regulations into force. Under the amended MVAR, speed limiters must be set to a maximum speed of 105 km/h and kept in good working order. The vehicles’ electronic control module must be accurately programmed, and tampering technology is prohibited.

Our safety measures include

  • First and foremost, the safety of our employees, public and the environment
  • Vigorous hiring and selection program to hire the most suitable candidate 
  • In cab warning devices for all dump trucks or units with pto
  • Speed limitation for all trucks not to exceed 105 km 
  • In cab dash cams forward and in cab facing 
  • Adequate training be provided by PSL to all employees in all of our divisions 
  • Providing our team with the best trucks, trailers and equipment available in the industry to ensure jobs are performed in a safe and comfortable manner
  • Preventative Maintenance program on all equipment 
  • Currently going through the COR certification process 
  • Members of PICS and Avetta an online supply chain risk management portals
  • Members of BCTA
  • Performance of risk assessments before commencing any job
  • Conducting onsite safety evaluations 
  • Working with commercial customers to ensure all of our employees follow their strict onsite contractor work policies
  • Our employees all have a minimum level 1 industrial first aid certificate
  • Performs periodic ride along with drivers to make sure job is performed safely
  • Performing onsite contractor orientations at all customer sites if applicable
  • GPS tracking and monitoring devices are installed in all units 
  • Current to 2024 all units have in cab Dash Cams 
  • All dump trucks or equipment to have PTO and Box warning devices installed 
  • Fire extinguishers, spill kits in all units and certified 
  • All employees have a Dangerous Goods training.