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Bulk Commodity Highway Belt Trailer Division

PSL Transport Bulk Commodities Throughout Canada and United States Pacific Northwest

Have all your bulk products hauled securely throughout the Canadian provinces and territories including across international borders with PAR’s Services Ltd of Richmond British Columbia. The timely delivery of promised products or hazardous materials ensure a smooth flow in the many aspects involved in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, seed, feed, fertilizer, and wastes. Our fleet of new bulk lightweight stainless steel belt trailers are consistently maintained and operated by certified and experienced drivers that know the standards and regulations when it comes to handling and transporting a variety of materials across the country, and into the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Select from bulk belt trailer vehicles ready to go for your Bulk Transportation and Logistics Solutions!

A video of us demonstrating the process of unloading one of our trailers

PAR's Services Ltd bulk commodity division services:

PAR’s Services Ltd bulk commodity division services:

  • Agriculture products – such as potatoes, wheat, corn, pulses, soybeans, green beans.
  • Feed products – such as grain, silage, beet pulp, chopped hay, cotton seed, distillers grains, animal feed, etc.
  • Seed products – such as seed potatoes, cotton seed, grain seed, seed corn
  • Fertilizer products – such as manure, poultry litter, granular fertilizer, compost, lime, bio solids sludge
  • Recycling product-  such as alternative fuels, green waste, construction waste, fly ash, paper pulp, wood chips, bio-solid sludge, shredded tires, shredded plastics
  • Aggregate & Mining products – such as sand, gravel, limestone, silica sand, petroleum coke, coal, limestone, copper concentrates, silver concentrates, zinc concentrates, slag.
  • Services are provided in Western Canada and United States Pacific Northwest region.
  • All units have GPS tracking to always keep the customers in touch with their freight.

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Secure Hauling of a Wide Range of Materials

PAR’s Services Ltd cares about the timely and safe delivery of your materials. Efficient transport is as important to us as it is to you. Poorly maintained vehicles, leaking storage containers and inexperienced drivers can lead to accidents that delay promised materials, increase costs, and expose your company to potential litigation. PSL reduces the chance of any such issue with their internal processes to ensure safe delivery of your product or materials, including aggregates, agricultural products, contaminated wastes and more. We service customers in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and all throughout the Lower Mainland British Columbia.